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Service Change Request
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If you are an existing TEACH customer and need to request:

  • a change and/or upgrade to existing service
  • disconnect of service

Please complete the TEACH Service Change Request (SCR)form and email to teach@wisconsin.gov. For an AT&T BlueJeans Request form click here. Only site contacts may submit a SCR form for their site. SCR forms will not be accepted from vendors.  All documents must be sent to directly to TEACH as an attachment. Third party applications are not accepted.

The requested due date for your TEACH Change Order will depend on the type of service needed.  See below table for order due date interval guidelines. 

Type of Request Due Date Intervals
New Service Requires minimum of 45 business days and may require up to 6 months or more depending upon construction requirements or weather conditions
Change or Upgrade to Existing Service Requires minimum of 10 business days if site work unnecessary; otherwise 45 business days if construction or special equipment is needed (or more depending upon construction requirements)
Disconnect of Service Requires 5 business days


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