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Please see our Press Releases for New ISP Information on BadgerNet

The BadgerNet Transformation Schedule Forecast for public and private schools is located here. Libraries and non-school sites are located here.

The BadgerNet Transformation Playbook is located here. The TEACH Readiness Planning document is located here.

Technology for Educational Achievement (TEACH) is a program administered by the Wisconsin Department of Administration, Division of Enterprise Technology.  TEACH subsidizes much of the cost to provide telecommunications access (e.g. data lines and video links) to eligible schools, libraries, and educational institutions. A history of TEACH is located TEACH Timeline.

TEACH customers are part of the BadgerNet Network which is a statewide telecommunications network. For additional information including our Customer Information Packet and FAQs, click the link above. For a description and examples of BadgerNet Category C Services, click here.

TEACH bandwidth, retail bandwidth and invoicing is administered based on the following consolidated list of Policies. Sites are responsible for choosing and communicating any TEACH requested changes to their ISP. TEACH files E-rate for transport services under Category 1 with USAC. TEACH does not subsidize ISP costs. TEACH may be able to fund retail bandwidth, please ask TEACH.

The TEACH Guidelines contain instructions on how to use the TEACH Portal to manage your site and services.  The Portal also has an electronic copy of your invoices and signed Letter of Agency (LOA) documents.

There are approximately 1000 TEACH sites in Wisconsin
    402 schools - reaching nearly 500,000 students
    359 libraries - with over 30 million patron visits annually
    25  private and technical college sites